Virus Anti-Virus Protection In Ubuntu

by vitalbodies on July 4th, 2008

Virus Anti-Virus Protection In Ubuntu

Generally they say that you do not need to worry about viruses in Ubuntu unless you are connected with Windows machines or drives some how. If you want to scan your files in Ubuntu here is the program you need.

ClamTk Anti-Virus Scanner

ClamTk Anti-Virus Scanner

If you are concerned about viruses, Trojans and the like, what can you do?

You can install ClamTk Anti-Virus Scanner.

ClamTk is a graphical (GUI) front-end for ClamAV

Installing Anti-Virus in Ubuntu:

Applications > Add/remove… >

Set SHOW to All Open Source Applications then just type in ClamTk to find it.

Next click the check box to Enable ClamTk then push the Apply Changes Button and add your password when requested to do so…

How to update the ClamTk (Clamwin) virus signatures in Ubuntu:

sudo freshclam -v

Using the command above in the terminal (Applications > Accessories > Terminal) updates the signatures providing you have an active internet connection.

Once installed you can find ClamTk in Applications > System Tools > Virus Scanner…

Vitalbodies suggests you go into OPTIONS and click No Maximum Size if you are on a relatively fast computer for a more complete scan.

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