Lenovo D10 ThinkStation Workstation – First Peek

by vitalbodies on July 8th, 2008

Lenovo D10 ThinkStation Workstation – First Peek

VitalBodies new computer that can handle graphics for creating 3d art has finally arrived!

Click image to see a larger version


Eco packaging, solid construction and a real key and lock – Plus wow, this workstation is big!

Need to set it up…

Heres a few links about the D10:

THINKSTATION: This computer can support 2 Xeon 5400 series quad processors for a fast 8-core system. Plus you can add up to 32GB of Fully buffered ram and two graphics cards! You can put 5 hard drives below and there are three 5.25 inch drive bays in the front. Add one 3.5 inch floppy sized bay and you have a fully loaded system. The case is a 7U rack mountable design that can also be used as a tower.

Two 250GB drives as a raid and will run Ubuntu 64-bit Hardy Heron. The data will live on its own front loaded hot swappable removable SATA drive. There will also be a media card reader in the front.

ECO FEATURES: Of course! EnergyStar 4.0 compliant, recycled materials and High efficiency power supply.

QUIET: Another big plus for anyone using this workstation is how silent this computer is.

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