Lenovo D10 ThinkStation Workstation – First Use

by vitalbodies on July 9th, 2008

Lenovo D10 ThinkStation Workstation – First Use

VitalBodies new Lenovo D10 ThinkStation Workstation has finally and is being setup!

Just unpacked…


The quality of the is system is amazing. Very solid, very well made. Great engineering.

System: Lenovo D10 ThinkStation 6427 CTO.

Support: Click Here

Ubuntu: Ubuntu works out of the box easy on this workstation! No issues to report.

Eco: Compared to the Dell Inspiron 530 that ships encased in massive amounts toxic Styrofoam, Lenovo did their homework. Packaging is minimal yet definitely enough to protect an expensive investment like a workstation.  The padding is recyclable and all the boxes (keyboard and workstation) are brown card board.

Well Packed: The workstation is shipped double boxed which is important for insurance claims (if needed) or to avoid them with UPS or FedEX.

Dust: VitalBodies would have liked to see some form of dust protection to keep dust from entering the system. Even as an optional feature this would be wise for anything that uses fans and heat sinks for cooling.

Off Gas: Like most new items of this sort, be prepared to wear a gas mask or air out the room while this off gases…

Heavy Duty: That handle on the front is not just for decoration. This workstation is heavy and you will be glad you have both that upper front handle and the extra finger grip Lenovo provides in the back. In fact, it is hard to imagine not having them.

Notable: This workstation is awesome. With that said there are few things I would have liked to see or thought I would mention. When you buy a new computer case you usually get a small pile of things like screws and connectors and such. There is nothing extra provided so be sure to have all the cables and screws and such your hardware needs. Would have been nice to have an eSATA connector if you use external eSATA drives. Once you remove the large locking side door there is a bracket that helps hold the cards in place that swings out for you to insert the cards. This bracket must swing fully open and out the open door inorder to insert a card. You will need to not have anything in the way of the back lower left corner to do so.

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