Portfoilo: Ebay Template W3C Valid Table-less XHTML Strict CSS RSS

by vitalbodies on July 14th, 2008

Portfoilo: Ebay Template W3C Valid Table-less Strict XHTML CSS RSS

VitaBodies designed an Ebay Template for listing items on ebay. The template is W3C Valid Table-less XHTML Strict CSS and does not break the Google RSS XML data feeds.

Having an Ebay template is nice, as you have all of the text that is repeated in almost every listing right there ready for minor tweaking. Plus your listing take on a more professional look and feel.

The images were designed so that one or more can be used in the template or replaced with images of the item that is being sold or auctioned.

One of the big challenges was to get the code to work in the layout that we needed and still support the Google RSS XML Data Feeds.

Being controlled by an external style sheet allows the look of ALL the listings to be changed. Changes can be made if ebay alters their scripts and styles (and they do) or to refresh the look of the listings from time to time.

NOTE: If you plan on doing your own style sheet for ebay, do not use the word ebay as an ID or CLASS or anything else. Vitabodies was using style sheets on ebay before ebay really got into using them. So when ebay started creating and usings a style sheet can you guess what word they used? EBAY…

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