Is Maupin Oregon The Next Mount Saint Helens Earthquake Wise?

by vitalbodies on July 15th, 2008

Is Maupin Oregon The Next Mount Saint Helens Earthquake Wise?


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VitalBodies has been watching the Earthquake Maps for years. While being no expert, it is still interesting to watch and learn.

Suddenly, some months back, an area just outside of Maupin Oregon started showing up on the maps.

And kept showing up and kept showing up…

Maupin, it seemed, from casual observation of the USGS Earthquake maps had more quake activity than Mount St Helens. Mount St Helens is almost always shaking, as there is an active volcano happening there.

Maupin which had (seemingly) finally quieted down for a couple days just had a 4.2 quake.

4.2 2008/07/14 11:45:55 45.126N 120.954W 21.3
11 km (7 mi) ESE of Maupin, OR

Maupin is the place to watch (Note the large blue square).

While a 4.2 is not a really large quake, the over all amount of activity near Maupin is worth watching.

One could wonder if we are watching a volcano forming? The quakes are also not actually in Maupin, but somewhere around 7 miles away or so. More than 36 people reported feeling this quake so far, on the USGS site, some of them 400 miles away.

Notice also the fairly large quake in the ocean. This is not unusual as there is a subduction zone in that area.

These subduction zone quakes rarely cause Tsunamis.

NOTE: Usually when all is quiet, they say, is when the tension builds and there can be a large Earthquake.

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  1. The geology around and especially to the east of Maupin does not support the thought of a volcano. 7 miles west and I might get on board. This is classic basin and range country where somewhere out there, a ridge is slowly being pushed up while the valley next to it slips down.

  2. I’ve also been watching these quakes since they began, and have been predicting a a volcanic eruption for over a year now. What else could it be with so much activity concentrated in just one spot. What I wonder is if it would be a stratovolcano like Mt Saint Helens or a smaller maific type.

  3. I stand by what I said.

  4. The Maupin spot is hard to beat. I feel the whole Oregon and Washington area has many many more small quakes the last few years. Not being an expert, or having inside knowledge of if they simply installed better sensors (or the like) this increase is many fold. You know, the Sisters Oregon area, which is somewhat in line with Maupin has had some small domes building also.

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