Finding That Elusive PERFECT BAG That is Eco Too

by vitalbodies on July 16th, 2008

Finding That Elusive PERFECT BAG That is Eco Too

Infusion Fibers makes high quality, beautiful bags using sustainable natural fibers like hemp, organic cotton, linen, jute and bamboo. Additionally, in keeping with their goal to lighten the burden on the earth, Infusion re-purposes many fabrics, both new and used, that would otherwise have been discarded. Each item is hand made and all fabrics are carefully selected.

So when VitalBodies needed that Elusive PERFECT BAG for a top secret project we are working on for the VitalBodies blog, we knew just where to look. VitalBodies secret bag is not shown anywhere yet, as it is secret… so ssshhh.

If YOU want a bag, you can find a selection of bags at Infusion Fibers Etsy Store.

Also at Infusion Fibers Etsy store, you will find an assortment of soft goods for the home such as buckwheat and kapok pillows.

VitalBodies liked that fact that we could have a custom bag made to the size we needed for our project, and choose our favorite eco fabric hemp. Plus we could support both buying hand made and supporting a work at home artist.

As an example of recycling fabrics, one of Infusion Fibers newest designs is the Crescent Bag, made with upcycled burlap coffee sacks.

Infusion can also customize purses, shopping bags, totes, messenger bags and more…

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