How To Create Or Edit Fonts In Ubuntu

by vitalbodies on July 21st, 2008

How To Create Or Edit Fonts In Ubuntu:

Did you know you can create and edit fonts too? You could create a new unique font and offer that font for everyone in the world to use. Or perhaps you need to view, compare or manage fonts…

In Ubuntu Applications > Add/Remove… >


Supported Applications, All Open Source Applications, Third Party Applications or All Available Applications.

Search: Fonts

Then add a check to the check box of the application you want to install, click Apply Changes and then Apply and type you password and click Close.

Font Related Tools:


Font editor for PS, TrueType and OpenType fonts
FontForge (formerly PfaEdit) allows you to edit outline and bitmap fonts. You can create new ones or modify old ones. It is also a font format converter and can convert among PostScript (ASCII & binary Type 1, some Type 3s, some Type 0s), TrueType, and OpenType (Type2), CID-keyed, SVG, CFF and multiple-master fonts.
This package also provides these programs and utilities: fontimage – produce a font thumbnail image; mensis – examine and modify some of the tables in a truetype or opentype font; sfddiff – compare two font files; showttf – decompose a font file into its various tables and display it.

Specimen Font Previewer:

Simple font preview and compare application for Gnome
A simple tool to view and compare fonts installed on your system. It has currently following features,
* A list of all fonts available (the left pane)
* A list of font previews (the right pane)
* Configurable preview text and font size
* Configurable foreground and background colors used in the preview pane

This application is provided by the Ubuntu community.

Fonty Python:

A GUI tool to manage ttf fonts
FontyPython is a GUI tool to manage ttf fonts on GNU/Linux system. It is written in Python and WxWidgets.
You can collect any fonts together (even ones not in your system font folders) into ‘pogs’ and then install and remove the pogs as you need them. In this way you can control what fonts are in your user font folder – thus avoiding long lists of fonts in the font chooser dialogues of your application.

This application is provided by the Ubuntu community.

View all characters of a font in all sizes
This program facilitates comparison of various fonts and font rendering parameters.
It displays sample lines of text in sizes from 5 to 36px simultaneously and allows changing of font size range and increment, hinting, autohinting, anti-aliasing, subpixel smoothing, and aspect, immediately showing the changes on the screen. All Unicode characters are divided into blocks of 128 characters, and user can choose block of 128 characters to use as sample line of text.

This application is provided by the Ubuntu community.




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