Inkscape rocks!

by vitalbodies on September 4th, 2008

Inkscape Rocks!

When we needed to draw some water parts Inkscape worked great.

And yes, with more time we could have done better!

But we needed to draw a lot of parts. Half or less are shown…

As a long time CorelDraw users we were a bit concerned shifting to Inkscape.

Have you ever been able to just all-out-crank in a program? If you have it is hard to shift to something that will slow you down.

In an earlier post we predicted that with three solid projects in Inkscape, Inkscape would feel like home.

We hit it right on!

As you might expect Inkscape is a bit a head and a bit behind of Coreldraw in different ways.

But, with a bit of practice, we can all-out-crank once again!

Quirks: Inkscape would seem to have it’s quirks as does CorelDraw.

Disclaimer: We do not know this program inside and out so give us some slack.

One quirk is the fonts drop down menu has some odd quirks in Ubuntu.

The drop down menu would flash on and disappear?

Ubuntu rocks also!

So we ended up using the TEXT > Text and Font… for adjusting fonts. Not a big deal.

At this point when we draw a rectangle we get an eclipse that is hard to reset back to the default.This did not start out that way but it is so far not intuitive how to get a rectangle to be a rectangle right when you fist draw one.

It is easy to change the eclipse back to a rectangle but it is odd to have to.

Having the font size start out a 40 is not our favorite either but not a big deal to change.

In printing Inkscape likes to kick out an extra page after what we intended to print but does not print on that page. Not a big deal either.

Opening HUGE CorelDraw drawings (converted to SVVG or PDF) Inkscape might crash on occasion but then what would one expect? CorelDraw was not exactly crash proof either, even with it’s own native drawings.

Inkscape is stable enough to convert the drawings. So no big deal again.

There are a few other odd issues but all are no big deal, each with work-a-rounds we were able to figure out ourselves without hitting the forums.

If you are in the US, do not use the default PAGE choose File > New > Letter or a page size you and your printer can deal with. The default might be confusing until you are used to having the page size and rulers and the like different than what you might expect.

Of all things we struggled with the most was the pointer/curser of the SELECT AND TRANSFORM tool. This is the default curser and we longed for something much more precise than a little hand that is closed?. We THINK that at the little lines at the level of the knuckles is where this grabs. We would have loved to be able to choose cross hairs or something that definitely let’s you know exactly what and where you are grabbing.

A side from the quirks we just love Inkscape and using it is now almost second nature.

Be aware that our comments are FEED BACK not criticism. Really like Inkscape, and there is no turning back!

We would use Inkscape over CorelDraw for all our illustration needs at this point. If you take your illustrations to a printing service (which we have not done) you would have to dig deeper into the program than we did.

We thank the Inkscape team for doing such a fine job!

We use Inkscape almost every day.

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