Dowsing Wands and Dowsing Chart

by vitalbodies on November 19th, 2008

This Blog post includes one photo and one LARGE graphic.
I made the graphic large so you can read it, so be sure to click on the image to see the larger version.

A large part of the fun was making the graphics in Inkscape.


Dowsing, is all about going deeper. My graphic is all about inviting you to go deeper also. Dowsing is a deep study and a profound art. It is well worth the effort to learn. It is an effort to learn.

Layout: I used Golden Rectangles and Triangles, Sections and Spirals in the dowsing chart layout.

This wand was designed to respond and amplify the BODY’S signal.
Like a dog wagging it’s tail, you want to see the response!

Sometimes there is NO response and that IS a response.

The chart took many years to design and took even longer to test and to validate that it was fully accurate.

Wands are made of Stainless Steel or Bronze and very few of Nickel. Handles of Latex rubber or Polypropylene.

Chart made of Recycled 100% post consumer waste paper.

PHOTO: Photo shows a stainless steel wand with a Polypropylene handle.

Dowsing wand photo shot with a Sigma SD14

Dowsing wand photo shot with a Sigma SD14

I designed this myself, and this design is available no where else. If you see this elsewhere it is a copy. Please report it.

Graphics were made in Inkscape on Ubuntu and the photo shot with a Sigma SD14 and sized in GIMP.

Available on Etsy and Ebay.

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  1. Have you compared your wands to regular dowsing pendulums? I am curious to see how the two compare. I use a clear quartz pendulum for my dowsing work and I find clear quartz to work much better then any other pendulum material. I am glad I stumbled onto your blog. I have yet to experiment with a wand.

    Thank You

  2. Question: Have you compared your wands to regular dowsing pendulums?
    Answer: I have. The wands are much more responsive and faster to use.
    This is especially nice if you do a lot of dowsing or dowse professionally.
    I gifted one of these to a long time dowser who makes and sells Quartz pendulums and she loved the wand.
    She liked that she could get quicker, bigger more responsive dowsing.
    She liked that the wand can swing very wide and thus give more meaning to the readings plus new meanings.
    The pendulums are nice for small and portable and map dowsing and certain kinds of dowsing.
    The wands are better for list dowsing, healing and other kinds of dowsing as they give more meaning.
    The wand can change movements and direction almost immediately as there is virtually no momentum and they are not effected by gravity in the same way.
    Thus the wand can create patterns that the pendulum can not.
    I have seen triangles and squares and combinations of patterns like a cross and circle for example where the wand will rapidly go from one to the other.
    The wand can also pull towards or away from something and stop there.
    Do you see what I mean?
    Not knocking the pendulum, as it is a very fine tool for many things and the best tool for many things.
    If you are into dowsing, you would like the wand also as it too is an excellent tool.

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