Panasonic Lumix DCM-LX3 Point And Shoot Digital Camera

by vitalbodies on January 5th, 2009

Panasonic Lumix DCM-LX3 Point And Shoot Digital Camera

Here is a first VERY VERY brief impression. Just got the camera today.


Set to iA (auto) 16:9 and took a shoot out the window and included the window frame.
Not the greatest (fairly dark rainy day) light but the image looks like what you would see with your eyes.

CHARGING: The battery does not come charged, so we had to charge it. The charger is small and nicely built. When the green light is on, the battery is charging and when the green light is off the battery is done charging – simple.

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: The size and build seem very nice. The three aspect ratios are really nice also and are as easy as setting the switch on the top of the lens. The screen is amazing. HD looked amazing. Seems intuitive to use for a new user.

SLIGHTLY DEEPER: We do like the wide angle lens – especially for point and shoot! The macro close up is close and worked for us in poor light!

ON THE BIG SCREEN: Most of the test shots came out about how they look to the eye but a bit brighter on the computer screen. The results in poor light seem awesome. The big concern would be graininess from what I saw so far.

Still need to check if the RAW files can be edited in UFRaw or RAWstudio.

  1. Schmoe permalink

    Let’s see some furry skin shots!

  2. we would like to get some shots of bear in the wild!

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