Lenovo D10 ThinkStation Workstation MCS Modifications – 2nd Look

by vitalbodies on January 9th, 2009

Lenovo D10 ThinkStation Workstation MCS Modifications – 2nd Look

UPDATE on the ThinkStation filter. All this time later the fans have still not kicked up to a higher speed (because of temperature) plus the workstation has very little dust inside.

Here is an image of the out going filter from the main fan in the back.


The outgoing filter from the power supply was quite similar.

Now that the workstation has off gassed I might not need the filter on the outgoing air.

I could dust this off and reuse it though.

Plus, look at all the dust I would trap.

Very exciting that this simple filter worked so incredibly well!

We would have needed to clean the workstation every 2-14 days!
The tiny video fans can not deal with the kind of fuzz and dust we have.

It even builds up on the larger fans but takes longer.

I breathed less heavy metals, dust and flame retardants than I otherwsie would have because of this dust and charcoal filter.

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