Canon G10 and Panasonic DCM-LX3 Custom Hemp Camera Bag

by vitalbodies on May 9th, 2009

Canon G10 and Panasonic DCM-LX3 Custom Hemp Camera Bag

A stylish eco bag that does not look like an ordinary camera bag. Designed for small point and shoot digital cameras, this bag has been been padded throughout with a thick layer of recycled fleece. The cover flap secures with a lobster clasp. Under the flap you will find a zipper pocket. In back there is a slip pocket.

Click image for a larger view

Click image for a larger view

Inside there is a padded flap which divides the interior compartment, for storage of a small charger, batteries, etc in the bottom. We wanted a bag that we could carry the charger if we need to. The Lx3 can rest in the bag standing up or laying on it back or front.

Click image for a larger view

Click image for a larger view

There is also a small, padded slip pocket on the inside (not shown in the images).

A beautiful custom hemp bag designed around the Canon G10 and Panasonic DCM-LX3 that can easily be used for other cameras.

Special Features:

In the bottom of the camera bag is a special compartment, just take your camera out flip up the padded cloth flap and there’s your charger.


This bag also makes a great little hiking satchel or compact purse. The bag was designed to be suitable for males and females.


The outer fabric is 100% hemp. Lined with unbleached cotton. If you would like a different lining color, feel free to ask.

5.5″ wide x 4.5″ tall x 3″ deep
Strap adjustable from about 20″ at the shortest setting to 36″ fully extended.


Hand made and currently sold on Etsy by InfusionFibers.  Visit her web site

  1. Wayne permalink


    I would like to purchase this Hemp camera Bag.

    Im first time to your website

    What can i do to get this bag?


  2. VitalBodies permalink

    This hemp bag is available from:

    InfusionFibers Shop

    The bags are wonderful…

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