Internet Explorer Needs to Shut Down

by vitalbodies on May 11th, 2009

“Internet Explorer Needs to Shut Down”

The other day while trying to get onto the Internet with Internet Explorer 7 (while using Windows XP Professional), IE would start to come up and then a gray box would appear that says “Internet Explorer needs to shut down.”  It would give me the option of reporting this to Microsoft or not but did not tell me what was the problem.
The other computer in the room was able to get on the Internet with the same connection with no problem so I figured it was my machine and not the Internet provider.  After a few times of this, I tried to make a “new connection” which did not work either.  I did some investigating in the help section of the Internet Options (found in the Control panel) and found that sometimes when this happens, it is because of “add-ons” which are usually ActiveX add ons that you may or may not have allowed to be put on to your machine.
The suggestion (in the help file) was to try to bring up Internet Explores without the add-ons.  If this worked then you had a place to start to find the problem.

To be able to do this I needed to right click on the desktop Icon for Internet Explorer and find the option to start Internet Explorer with out the add-ons.  (This option was not on my quick launch bar icon, only on the icon on my desktop, which was put there when I first installed the program.)


I decided to try this and it worked.  It came up with a bar across the top under the links bar, that stated it was running without the add-ons.

So I invested further and found that I could go to Tools > Options > Programs tab, and click on the “manage add-ons” button.


This brings up a long list of things that have been added on to my machine, most were for ActiveX.


The list tells you what it is called and who put it there.  I had some from Microsoft and Lenovo, which is the maker of my machine.  There were also a few names I didn’t recognized.  I had the option to disable them also.  There is also the option in enable them if you decide you want them to work again.  After experimenting with the ones that were not labeled from MS or Lenovo, I found the one that would let me bring up the Internet with it disabled.  It was used by an old program (Pricechecker) I had downloaded some time ago and rarely used so I uninstalled the old program.  I checked back then and the add-on had been removed also. Internet Explorer has worked fine since.

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