Happy 72,256 Page Views Plus 9,983 For VitalBodies Blog

by vitalbodies on May 31st, 2009

Sometime back, VitalBodoes started blogging on a free WordPress.com blog.

At around 50,000 page views we decided to to celebrate and make the big shift to our own blog. We installed WordPress.org software on the VitalBodies.com domain and imported all our posts and all your comments. When the new blog was finished we announced the new blog on the old blog.


Today we are celebrating 10,000 page views on the new blog!  At nearly 75,000 (72,256) Page Views on the old blog, we set all the old posts in to PENDING REWIEW mode. We left one post announcing the new blog.

It is interesting to note that for quite some time we had duplicate posts on both blogs. The posts that got the most traffic were the posts that we pubilished FIRST on what ever blog they were on.

So if we published the same post on both blogs, which ever blog we published the post on first would get the most traffic.

If later we removed the first post, the second post would get the most traffic.

We would like the new blog to get the traffic plus we would like to maintain only one blog.

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