Canon PowerShot G10 Custom Hemp Camera Bag

by vitalbodies on June 2nd, 2009

Canon PowerShot G10 Custom Hemp Camera Bag

A fresh eco bag that does not look like the ordinary camera bag. Designed for small point and shoot digital cameras, this bag has been been padded throughout with a thick layer of recycled fleece. The cover flap secures with a lobster clasp which seconds as a clip for holding things while you are shooting. Under the flap you will find a zipper pocket. On the back there is a slip pocket.

Click image for a larger view

Click image for a larger view

Inside there is a padded flap which divides the interior compartment, for storage of a small charger, batteries, etc in the bottom. We wanted a bag that we could carry the charger if and when we need to. The G10 can rest in the bag standing up or laying on it back or front. There is also a small, padded slip pocket on the inside.

Click image for a larger view

Click image for a larger view


A beautiful custom hemp bag designed around the Canon G10 that can easily be used for other cameras.

Special Features:

This bag also makes a great little hiking satchel or compact purse. The bag was designed to be suitable for males and females.


The outer fabric is 100% hemp. Lined with unbleached cotton. If you would like a different lining color, feel free to ask.

5.5″ wide x 4.5″ tall x 3″ deep
Strap adjustable from about 20″ at the shortest setting to 36″ fully extended.


Hand made and currently sold on Etsy by InfusionFibers.  Visit her web site

Where we bought our G10 Camera:

Canon Powershot G10

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  1. Hinshaw permalink

    I like it! Where is it possible to buy one of these,at what price, and is gray the only option? (tan being a bit more masculine).

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