Fence Design For Beauty, Form, Function and Hard Core Design

by VitalBodies on April 16th, 2010

Fence Design For Beauty, Form, Function and Hard Core Design:

We would love to see some awesome fence galleries and design ideas listed on this blog for everyone to gain ideas. VitalBodies is getting ready to do some fence designing and we are trolling for ideas.


Deer Fence Posts For Organic Garden

Design Elements:

PICKETS: Vertical – Horizontal – Diagonal – Squares – Rectangles – Woven – Louvered – Etc.

COMPONENTS: Fence – Gates – Arbors – Fence Roofs – Etc.

FENCE TYPES: Board and bat – Privacy – Woven – Mixture – Etc.

NATURAL MATERIALS: Bamboo – Cedar – White Cedar – Mixture – Etc.

HEIGHT: Low, Legal height, Mid or a Mix Etc…

FENCE PURPOSE: Privacy – Security – Deer fence – Beauty – Curb Appeal – Etc…

Our Considerations:

80+ inches of rain a year – and all that entails like moisture, mold, fungus etc..

Privacy needed in some areas and not in other areas.

We would like a fence with strong design elements , unique and natural in appeal rather than industrial.

6′ or more tall in some areas and deer jumping height in others. Some areas are more for ornate reasons and do not need to be so high.

A deer fence around our organic garden is one of our projects and other privacy fences are another. There are also some much smaller projects like gates and such.

We would like to create some additional privacy and yet not limit any of the neighbors scenic view if possible.

Images Of Interest:

GALLERY: http://www.gardenstructure.com/gallery/section/wood_fences

Japanese: http://stmatthewsfenceanddeck.com/images/albums/NewAlbum_96d2a/sp02.jpg

Vertical and Horizontal: http://billbarr.wordpress.com/2009/10/20/good-fences-2/

Modern: http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/sf/look/look-modern-fence-050175

Free Fence Plans And Images:

Redwood: http://www.calredwood.org/fences/fences.htm

Our Deer Fence:

All of the posts are in and wow, 10 feet out of the ground is high! Next is moving the water line for hose bibs (and eventually drip irrigation) and the putting up the deer netting.

Beyond that is making the fence really look nice in a design/style way – we needed something up ASAP so as not to miss the planting season so deer netting and posts will get us by for a while.

We wanted to get our deer fence up quickly at first, for planting and then beautify the fence as time and budget allow so we bought some rolls of Easy Gardener 6050 DeerBlock – 7-Foot x 100-Foot Netting which we plan to use for the deer fence and also worked well for protecting some newly planted fruit trees.

Garden Layout:

Choosing the layout for the garden is a fun step and interesting from an art, design and symbolic standpoint. Although we have not finalized on any certain design we have been playing around with different layouts. In a different post we will show some more ideas and thoughts on that subject.

Garden Layout

What Makes A Great Fence:

We have been pondering WHAT makes a fence normal or really nice. Here is what caught our eyes:

Avoid unneeded ground contact.

Natural fencing made of boards, it seems, are born to be square-ish and even two curved boards in the right places can really make a real difference on the over all look of the design even if only on the gate.

A lack of total repetition helps – having three widths of pickets or more than one panel design creates variation and pleases the eye.

Having the right type of fence for the right area even in the same yard.

A fence can be like ahhh/beautiful and the Japanese fences are some of the best for that – a fence as an item of beauty or meditation.

Having horizontal pickets can make a strong design statement in some cases.

Having thinner pickets like 1″ by 2″ can look “rich” in detail if done the correct way.,

Woven Fences:

If you have the ways and means, a woven fence made of natural materials like dried branches, vines, bamboo or split bamboo is hard to beat for a unique design.

  1. Very nice wooden fences and I liked this one very much http://www.gardenstructure.com/decorative_wood_fence . Keepu up the good work vitalbodies

  2. VitalBodies permalink

    That is the best gallery I have happened onto so far and that fence you like is really nice. Thanks for your comment!

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